CPU, which is often called just "processor", is an abbreviation for Central Processing Unit. That's the core of any laptop or computer or hosting server, as it runs each of the calculations and logical input/output procedures. Although the performance of an Internet site or an application relies upon other things also, including the amount of physical memory or the connectivity of the server, the speed at which a specific processor runs determines how fast a program shall be executed. Later-generation processors have numerous cores which can severely improve their overall power and efficiency, since each core can take on a variety of processes separately or a number of cores can deal with one process that requires a considerable computing power. Due to the fact that every core runs at a specific speed, this architecture can be seen as several independent processors cooperating.
CPU Share in VPS Servers
If you opt to host your Internet sites on a VPS server from our company, you shall be able to choose from a wide variety of packages which offer different system resources, including the CPU share which will be allocated to the new account. Thus, you can opt for a package that'll be appropriate for your websites with regards to both the resources and the monthly fee you'll pay for them. We use extremely powerful physical servers with multi-core processors working at 3.0+ GHz, so the CPU quota that you'll get shall be guaranteed at all times, since we create only a few virtual servers on the physical machines. This offers you the chance to upgrade your package in the future as much as you need, without the need to worry that there might not be enough system resources on the hosting server. Such an upgrade will take no more than 2 mouse clicks within your billing Control Panel.
CPU Share in Dedicated Servers
Our dedicated server packages come with a range of hardware configurations, therefore, based upon what you need the web server for and on your budget, you can choose the right one for you. In addition to the various RAM and disk space allocations, each and every package comes with different CPU shares too. The CPUs we offer have 2-12 cores, so you are able to choose the plan that'll match your requirements best. With the most powerful package, every app which you run on the web server will run remarkably fast no matter what resources it needs and irrespective of how many people are using it simultaneously, but even the lower-end package deals are sufficient for most types of websites. The performance of the CPUs is tested together with all the other hardware elements, as a way to ensure that the machine which we will hand over to you will work faultlessly and at optimum capacity all the time.